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Dave’s Oven Cleaning is a professional oven cleaning company, valeting ovens and other appliances – including AGAs, ranges, microwaves and barbeques – at swindon and nearby areas

We give your oven a complete and professional clean, restoring it to a showroom-like condition. We don’t just give it a quick wipe over – we’re much more thorough than that! Our unique cleaning process involves removing all of the racks, trays, fan plates and bulb covers, and treating the whole oven with our unique cleaning products and techniques.

The trays and other items in your oven that can be removed are placed into a custom and purpose-built dip tank, and allowed to soak to remove all the built-up grime and grease. Because of the cleaning products and techniques we use, as soon as we’re finished, your oven will be immediately ready to use for cooking. No waiting around for unpleasant fumes to clear!


Deep Oven Cleaning


Extensive Hob Clean


Microwave Clean


Full AGA Cleaning


Ranges and Stoves


Intensive BBQ Clean

Certified Oven Cleaners

We are qualified to valet a wide range of cookers from all the major appliance manufacturers.